Bradford S. Martins

Professional Certifications and educationimg_8395

M.D., UAMS College of Medicine, 2013-present
Ph.D., UAMS Graduate School, Brain Imaging Research Center, 2015-present
B.A., Hendrix College, Conway, AR, 2013

Research Experience

I am currently a NIDA T32 sponsored MD/PhD student completing the  Ph.D. portion of my training in the Brain Imaging Research Center at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. My dissertation project focuses on identifying the neural circuitry underlying drug use disorder with other co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses in order to better understand how altered neural networks translate to symptomatic and problematic behavior. By identifying key networks involved in drug use disorder comorbidity, I hope to develop machine-learning algorithms that classify neural signatures of resilience or susceptibility in individuals at-risk for the disorder. Before formally joining the Brain Imaging Research Center as a full-time lab member, I was an intern in the lab during the summers of 2013, and 2014, with the latter sponsored by the T32 Summer Internship grant. During this time I compared the ability of different methods of MRI data analysis to predict performance on a given behavioral task. From the summer of 2012 to spring 2013, I used diffusion tensor imaging to study the relationship between microstructural integrity of the uncinate fasciculus white matter tract and psychopathic traits in adolescents, working both at the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California, and remotely from Hendrix College.

Research Interests

My interests focus predominately on understanding how functional and structural networks related to self-referential processing and self-schema (how we see and reference ourselves) contribute to, and are altered by the development of addiction and other psychiatric disorders. I am particularly interested in using computational modeling and machine-learning algorithms to empirically characterize altered neural networks in terms of clinical symptoms and dysfunctional behavior. In doing so I hope to develop more personalized treatments targeted at the individual patient.

Recent Publications

Bradford S. Martins,  Ricardo Cáceda , Josh M. Cisler, Clinton D. Kilts, G. Andrew James (2016).  The Self and Susceptibility: The Role of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Addiction Comorbidity. (Under Review).

Sobhani, M., Baker, L., Martins, B., Tuvblad, C., & Aziz-Zadeh, L. (2015). Psychopathic Traits Modulate Microstructural Integrity of Right Uncinate Fasciculus in a Community Population. NeuroImage: Clinical, 8, 32-38.