Michael J. Mancino, M.D.


Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Program Director, Center for Addiction Services and Treatment

Medical Director, Recovery Centers of Arkansas and OASIS Renewal Center


Phone: (501) 526-8400

Fax: (501) 526-8499

E-mail: mjmancino@uams.edu

Assistant: Summer Alexander (501) 526-8489, alexandersummerr@uams.edu

Research Experience

I have been a project leader on a COBRE grant designed to develop a withdrawal paradigm for methamphetamine dependent individuals and currently have an R21 to pilot the efficacy of lisdexamfetamine to alleviate withdrawal and prevent relapse in recently-abstinent methamphetamine dependent patients. I have also collaborated with other investigators as a co-investigator on ongoing and previously conducted research on medication and behavioral treatment approaches for both opioid and psychostimulant dependence.

Research Interests – I am interested in medications development for the treatment of psychostimulant dependence as well as examining improved tapering methods for patient on buprenorphine and the possible transition to naltrexone. Additionally, I have become fascinated with the impact of early childhood trauma and anxiety in opioid dependent persons.

Recent Publications

Christensen, D. R., Landes, R. D., Jackson, L., Marsch, L. A., Mancino, M., Chopra, M. P., Bickel, W. K. Adding an Internet-delivered Treatment to an Efficacious Treatment Package for Opioid Dependence. J of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.J Consult Clin Psychol. 2014 Dec; 82(6):964-72.

Mancino, M.J., McGaugh, J., Chopra, M.P., Guise, J.B., Christopher Cargile, C., Williams, D.K., Thostenson, J, Kosten, T.R., Sanders N., and Oliveto, A. Clinical Efficacy of Sertraline Alone and Augmented with Gabapentin in Recently Abstinent Cocaine-Dependent Patients with Depressive Symptoms. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2014 Apr; 34(2):234-9.

Oliveto, A.H., Mancino, M.J., Thostenson., Ingerman, S., Day, S., and Kramer, T. Acceptability of shamanic healing for treating psychostimulant dependence: a pilot survey. Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies. 2014, March; 19(1): 16–21.

Kaley, S., Mancino, M.J., and Messias, E. Sadness, Suicide, and Drug Misuse in Arkansas: Results from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2011. The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society. 2014 Feb; 110(9):185-186.