Nalin Payakachat, Ph.D., B.Pharm., MSc


Associate Professor, Division of Pharmaceutical Evaluation & Policy, College of Pharmacy


Phone: 501-686-7701
Fax: 501-686-5156

Research Experience

I received a Ph.D. in health outcome measures from Purdue University in August 2008. My research focuses on methods for evaluating patient-reported outcomes such as health and health-related quality of life outcomes and translating those outcomes into economic evaluations. My expertise includes survey instrument development, psychometric testing, patient-reported outcomes methodological design, and health economics and outcomes research.

After the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 had passed, Arkansas became the 29th state to legalize use of medical cannabis (MC) for an approved set of medical conditions. There is limited evidence in the literature in regard to benefits and harms of medical cannabis for various conditions. I recognize the critical needs for more research in medical cannabis. Our research team launched a longitudinal observational survey study (Arkansas Medical Cannabis Study: in February 2018 to collect baseline data (before the availability of legal medical cannabis products) from ~2,000 Arkansan participants. The follow-up survey was just launched in October 2019, after the products became available in Arkansas in March 2019.

Recent Publications

Gladden M, Hung D, Bhandari NR, Russell L, White L, Franks AM, Fantegrossi W, Payakachat N. Arkansas Community’s Attitudes Toward the Regulation of Medical Cannabis and the Pharmacist Involvement in Arkansas Medical Cannabis. JAPhA 2019.

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