Addiction Ethics Seminar

Beyond occasional discussions of newsworthy ethical violations with colleagues and mandatory research training, many scientists have limited exposure to training in research ethics. Rather, continued learning about ethics is often prompted by violations that may result in significant consequences for the research team, participants, and/or stakeholders.

Research Ethics for Trainees in Addiction Science: Seminar Overview

In this seminar, trainees will engage in critical discussion of special topics related to training in addiction. Topics include research with vulnerable populations, systems of reward and punishment in academia, coercion in research, ethical treatment of animals, and data sharing/security. Educational strategies will include interactive discussions and critiques of seminar content, didactic instruction, and review of audiovisual material relevant to the topics discussed. Each trainee will further take an active role in his/her learning by contributing to coverage of a special topic within their area of emerging expertise.

Seminar leaders are Leah Eisenberg, J.D., M.A., who is an assistant professor of medical humanities and ethics consultant for UAMS and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and Melissa Zielinski, Ph.D., who is a clinical psychologist and current T32 trainee.