Seminar Overview

Part 1: Foundations

Seminar #TopicCo-Leader (if applicable)
1Introduction to Research Ethics
2Research Design/Conceptualization:
Systems of Reward and Punishment in Academia, Part 1
3Building a Research Team:
The Unique Ethical Dilemmas of Research Trainees and Supervisors
4Ethics of Participant Selection:
A Critical Evaluation of the Role of Exclusion/Inclusion Criteria and Research with Vulnerable Populations
Sharon Sanders
5Ethics of Participant Recruitment:
The Role of Incentives and Relationships
Anthony Privatsky
6Informed Consent and Comprehension
7Ethics Data Analysis and Dissemination:
Questions of Being an Author
Michael Chung

Part 2: Special Topics

Seminar #TopicCo-Leader (if applicable)
8Special Topics in Research Design:
The ethics of retrospective data review, placebo/inert treatments, and randomized clinical trials
Martin Watts
9Research with Vulnerable Populations/Respect for Human Subjects
10Ethics of Animal ResearchMike Berquist
11Data Security & Rules of Data Sharing in the Age of Big DataCorey Hayes
12Ethics of Assent in Research with Children and TeensBrad Martins