Didactics Schedule

10/9/18Introduction to T32 program didacticsClint Kilts, Ph.D.
Mechanisms of Action of Drugs of Abuse
10/16/18Animal behavioral models of the drug addiction process as research toolsWilliam Fantegrossi, Ph.D.
11/6/18Dopamine-mediated neurotransmission and drug abuseLisa Brents, Ph.D.
11/20/18Molecular mechanisms of cannabis use disordersPaul Prather, Ph.D.
Clinical presentation and methods of treatment for drug use disorders
12/5/18Medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disordersMichael Mancino, M.D.
12/18/18Managing drug use disorders in pregnancyJessica Coker, M.D.
1/15/19Early intervention in adolescence to prevent the development of drug use disordersNihit Kumar, M.D.
Early stage translational research: designing and developing novel treatments for drug use disorders (T0-T1)
1/22/19Identifying novel molecular targets for medication discoveryPeter Crooks, Ph.D.
2/5/19Antibody-based therapiesEric Peterson, Ph.D.
2/19/19Vaccine-based approaches to reducing drug abuseMichael Owens, Ph.D.
The human neuroscience of the addiction process (T2)
3/5/19Optogenetics and functional neuroimaging approaches to defining the neural systems of addictionAndrew James, Ph.D.
3/19/19Computational modeling of the brain states related to behavioral controlKeith Bush, Ph.D.
4/2/19The neural mechanisms of relapse for nicotine use disorders: stress, coping and cravingMerideth Addicott, Ph.D.
4/16/19Neural information processing networks related to the development and maintenance stages of addictionClint Kilts, Ph.D.
5/7/19The transgenerational transmission of addiction: brain structural mechanismsAshley Acheson, Ph.D.
Population and policy-informing research related to reducing drug abuse and exposures (T3)
5/14/19Defining opioid use trajectories using population dataBrad Martin, Ph.D.
6/4/19State policy-informing research and opioid use disordersCorey Hayes, Pharm. D.
6/18/19e-cigarette use among adolescents: regulatory practice researchPebbles Fagan, Ph.D.
Implementation research: delivering effective interventions into addiction prevention and treatment (T4)
7/2/19Comparative effectiveness and Implementation research approaches Geoffrey Curran, Ph.D.
7/16/19Implementing interventions for alcohol use disordersMichael Cucciare, Ph.D.